In order to assist you with your Horticultural, Viticulture and Cropping requirements, we have expert agronomists who are able to deliver a wide range of on-farm services and can offer technical support.

Our Agronomist’s:

Simon Piccini profile

Simon Piccini graduated from The University of Queensland (Lawes Campus) in December of 1994 with Associate Diplomas in Agronomy (Field Crops and Pastures) and Animal Production (Grazing Animal Systems). He was a Broadacre Agronomist based in Millmerran on the Darling Downs for 5 years before commencing with Texas & Mingoola Rural Traders in October 2000. In 2012 Simon started with Wilshire and Co following their acquisition of the Texas and Mingoola stores.

Since then Simon has continued to develop his special interests in irrigated and dryland cropping and pasture systems. He consults extensively with local feedlot operations helping them to enhance their production systems. He is an important contact for all producers for advice on farm management systems including speciality rotations such as high moisture corn, lucerne and crops destined for silage. Government departments have taken note of some of the rehabilitation trials that have been undertaken under Simon’s close supervision regarding the removal and reduction of unwanted species in pasture situations such as ‘African Love Grass’ and ‘Heliotrope’.

Mark Rogers profile

Servicing the Stanthorpe district with 27 years of experience in the Agronomy industry, studied Bach. of Applied Science - Horticultural Technology at UQ Gatton. Mark has grown up in the Stanthorpe area as part of a third generation farming family. Specializing in vegetables, berry crops, temperate fruit production. Mark can also assist with collection of soil, plant tissue & water samples for nutritional analysis and performing interpretation of results to create crop nutrition programs. Crop monitoring and reporting including: disease identification, insect identification and nutritional disorders for a wide range of crops predominantly vegetables and strawberries. Collection and preparation of fruit, vegetables and water samples for transport for microbial and MRL analysis for QA systems.

Peter Rickard

Servicing Goondiwindi, Yelarbon, Inglewood, Texas, Peter has 9 years experience in the Agronomy industry. Specializing in all services relating to broadacre food and fibre crops and pastures.


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