Set Service intervals and daily maintenance 

Husqvarna machines lead a challenging life, in demanding environments. To ensure optimum performance, routine maintenance is essential. A list of recommended service intervals is included in your operator’s manual. By following these service intervals you’ll save time, and avoid expensive unplanned interruptions to your routine.After every service, Wilshire & Co will provide you with a completed service checklist, outlining the work done on your machine. 


Proactive maintenance, quality time, and more of it with Wilshire & Co, your Authorised Servicing Centre 

When you bring your machine in for service at Wilshire & Co, your authorized Husqvarna dealer, the service is carried out by a highly competent specialist trained for Husqvarna machines, working in a fully equipped workshop, and using only genuine Husqvarna spare parts. A detailed service plan, scheduled over a number of time intervals, is available for every Husqvarna machine. Servicing your machines at the proposed times allows them to perform optimally, and minimizes the cost to you of unexpected downtime. Just as importantly, your tools will last longer and you'll enjoy a healthy resale value when the time comes to trade them in.

With a track record reaching back more than 325 years, Husqvarna machines are some of the best in the world. But even a Husqvarna needs looking after if you want to preserve its value over time, and enjoy top-level performance and maximum uptime.With regular preventive maintenance at Wilshire & Co, you can head off future machine failure from wear, material fatigue, or maladjustment. Not only will you benefit from a safe, well-functioning machine, you’ll also extend the life of the machine, save on running costs, and avoid machine standstill. Click below to book your next service with Wilshire & Co.

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