Communities Benefit from over $42,000 donated by Local Blokes 

Our Core Values

From early beginnings when Wilshire and Co was founded in 1960, one of the core values that has always defined the family owned and operated company is that of giving back to the community through a diverse range of sponsorship initiatives, fundraising activities, volunteering and cash donations.

Our Dedication to our Community 

The blokes and the girls at Wilshire and Co are a dedicated team, keen to give back time, energy and financial support to a community whom have shown us steadfast and loyal support for over 3 generations. We believe we receive as much benefit as we give from those causes we proudly support and remain unwavering in our ongoing commitment to the regions in which we live and work.

Giving Back 

Today, we can proudly announce that over $42,000 in both cash donations and products have been generously donated for the year to over 65 different organisations across our region. This diverse group of community organisations have also benefited from over 540 man hours of voluntary time from our Local Blokes here at Wilshire and Co.

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Local Blokes Working Together

As a company Wilshire and Co values the opportunity to work closely alongside other businesses, not for profits, community groups and their leaders, forging strong relationships over a shared passion for a cause, or by simply lending a hand in the local community. Whether it’s giving back to the Rural Fire Brigade or donating hay to the Riding for the Disabled, we’re doing something that makes us feels good and allows us to thrive as a unified team.

Wilshire & Co Managing Director, Todd Wilshire said, “There’s no better boost to Wilshire & Co.’s team spirit knowing that we have made a real difference or helped in some way improve the lives of others”. “The diverse range of contributions made to our community has been rewarded many times over, we’ve seen new facilities being built, amenities upgraded, new equipment being bought and, in the case of Stanthorpe International Club, we are thrilled to hear that the funds donated have gone towards the construction of a new wheelchair ramp at the club grounds”, he said.

“It’s just fantastic to see what can be achieved when everyone comes together and gets behind these hardworking groups of volunteers and clubs, and of course the flow on effect is substantial with the economic benefit felt far and wide across our rural and remote towns”.

“It’s vital that we continue to support local groups by way of financial, product donation or just lending a hand, this is all about ensuring their longevity for the future. That’s something all of us here at Wilshire & Co are truly passionate about and are proud to be making a real difference in any way we can”, Mr. Wilshire said.

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